NPO Splav Working on the New Missile


JSC NPO Splav (a part of NPK Techmash) has presented the S-8OFP 80-mm air-launched missile with a high-explosive penetrating warhead, thus introducing a new generation of unguided air-launched weapons for aircrafts and helicopters of the front-line and combat aviation.

The S-8OFP missile is launched from the standard modules of B8M-1 and B8V20-A pods.
The development of a basic backbone unguided air-launched missile of the NARV S-8 system gives the opportunity to create a number of high-performance air-delivered munitions, including small smart and guided missiles. The missile is equipped with a high explosive penetrating projectile. The engagement range is up to 6 km. The missile length varies from 1,4 to 1,5 m, with its weight not exceeding 17 kg. The warhead weight is 9-9.5 kg.

The unguided air-launched missiles are considered to be a highly effective and versatile device to engage the ground targets from delivery aircrafts. According to the statement posted on the Rostec website, they are the most popular air-delivered munitions due to their high reliability, ease of use, relatively low price and minimum costs required to hit the set targets.


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