Russian Ground Forces to Adopt New UAVs


The Orlan and Granat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be put into service with the Russian Army this year. This came in a statement made by Vladimir Chirkin, the Commander of the Russian Ground Forces, at the 11th International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2013.

According to the Commander-in-Chief, the first UAVs are scheduled to be included into the inventory of the Ground Forces later this year. The vehicles in question belong to Orlan and Granat types developed under the technical assignment of the Ministry of Defence.

It should be noted that the exhibition features an unmanned fighting vehicle elaborated by the UAE. “We can discuss whether they have produced it on their own or assembled from imported components. But the fact is that we have no fighting vehicles at this moment. Our UAVs are designed for solving communications, reconnaissance, and radioelectronic warfare problems. At the same time, I can not say that we are hopelessly lagging behind, but this issue hasn’t been dealt with for the last two decades,” Mr. Chirkin explained.

It’s necessary to mention that as of the summer 2012, the United States Army had more than 36,000 UAVs for different purposes, including reconnaissance, communications and fighting vehicles.


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