Russian Companies Eager to Open R&D Centers in Skolkovo


More than 30 companies have already concluded agreements with the Skolkovo Foundation on creation of their own research centers in the territory of the innovation center. About 1,000 start-ups from 44 regions have already received a status of participants.

“Skolkovo is not a closed system. It’s a platform for the development of management technologies to be used throughout the country. More than 30 companies have already signed contracts to establish their own research centers in Skolkovo. The total budget for the creation of research and development centers has exceeded 30 billion rubles,” Viktor Vekselberg, Head of the Skolkovo Foundation, emphasized.

According to Alexey Ulyukaev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, total financing of the state subprogram “Creation and Development of the Skolkovo Innovation Center” will amount to 502 billion rubles before 2020, with 135.6 billion rubles being allocated from the state budget.

It should be noted that the Skolkovo Innovation Center is to become Russia’s largest testing site with special conditions for research, development and introduction of energy and energy efficient technologies, as well as nuclear, space, biomedical and computer technologies.


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