“Falcons of Russia” and “Strizhi” to Hold Rehearsal of Airshow in Voronezh


Aviation Group of the Air Forces “Strizhi” and “Falcons of Russia” on Friday will hold a large-scale dress rehearsal for an airshow in Voronezh on the occasion of the contract soldiers levy, said on Thursday the head of the press service of the Western Military District, Colonel Oleg Kochetkov.

“Above the water area of Voronezh Reservoir the pilots for the first time will demonstrate the aerobatic maneuvers at altitudes ranging from moderate to extremely low. Airshow program includes the implementation of a single flying at the Su-30SM, a pair flying on MiG-29, as well as group aerobatics of “Strizhi” on airplanes MiG-29 and “Falcons of Russia” on Su-27. The crews will show figures such as synchronous “barrel”, “loop the loop”, “slide”, “dome”, “mirror”, “ear”, “tulip” and many others,” Kochetkov said.

At the moment the “Strizhi” are preparing for a major show at the Lipetsk airport.


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