Siberian Scientists Created Super-Tough Tiles for Armored Vehicles “Tayfun”


Tomsk scientists have developed technology for the production of nanostructured ceramic plates for body armor and armored vehicles, including new armored ruggedized vehicle “Tayfun”, the director of the Nanotechnology Center of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Oleg Hasanov said to RIA Novosti.

According to him, scientists of TPU developed and patented an innovative technology for the production of composite nanoceramics. Basing on this technology it was organized an industrial production of ceramic armor plates at Novosibirsk electrical vacuum plant (JSC “NEVZ-Soyuz”).

“The product is intended for the army and security forces. Armored tiles for vehicles are made with aluminum oxide. Such tiles are relatively heavy. Tiles used for bullet-proof vests are made of boron carbide, they are half the weight. Tiles in the final product are packed by a partner in the project – the Moscow Research Institute of Steel – Hasanov said. According to him, the new series of fortified armored vehicles “Tayfun” must be produced in 2015.


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