Russia to Establish Production of Microelectronics for Space


Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin personally ensured that Russia will be able to organize production of microelectronics for space.

As he said on the TV channel “Russia 24”, the Western sanctions put against the Russian industry are aimed at two goals: machines, which make modern technology, and electronic-component base.

“The second goal – an electronic-component basis, ie microradioelectronics, especially of categories such as space that can withstand the bombardment of heavy particles in space,” he said.

Previously, due to the fact that the market for such products was opened, Russia preferred to buy these components and produced a very small amount of their own, Deputy Prime Minister said.

“It will be a difficult task, but it will be solved. I guarantee that it will be solved, because for us the sanctions today are a test of national character,” summed Rogozin.


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