“Mistral” with Russian Crew Completed Second Phase of Testing


At the end of June, a group of 400 Russian sailors – two crews – arrived in the French city of Saint-Nazaire for driving training of “Mistral”. This Friday, the second crew completed the sea, safely performing all the tasks.

First helicopter carrier “Mistral” built for Russia with the second Russian crew on board on Friday completed the sea and returned to the French port of St. Nazaire, France Press reports.

On September 13th, the ship “Vladivostok” first went to sea with the Russian crew: it had on board about 200 Russians and about the same number of French sailors. After nearly 10 days of sailing, the ship safely performed all the tasks and returned to port. This Friday, the second crew completed the sea.

Contract for the supply of two helicopter carriers was concluded by the French company DCNS and the “Rosoboronexport” in 2011. Contract price – 1.2 billion euros. The first vessel – “Vladivostok” – should go into service of the Russian Navy in 2014, the second – “Sevastopol” – in 2015.


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