Vertically Integrated Corporation to Be Formed Basing on “IL”


At the end of 2015 – beginning of 2016 on the basis of “IL” it will be formed a vertically integrated corporation, providing a full cycle of works on creation and distribution of aeronautical engineering with a focus on the development of the transport direction, the CEO of the Company Sergei Sergeev said in an interview to “Interfax-AVN”.

“The formation of the corporation will be conducted in stages. It is planned to complete the first phase by the union of “IL” with JSC “UAC – Transport Aircrafts” and JSC “EMZ named after Myashishev”. It is expected that during the second phase in 2016-2017 the new holding structure would join JSC “Aviastar-SP” (Ulyanovsk) and JSC “VASO” (Voronezh). We will also work the appropriateness of including repair facilities,” S.Sergeev said.

It is reported that there is a very serious intention of enlargement of the branches of “IL” in Voronezh and Ulyanovsk. “In Moscow (OJSC “IL”), in Zhukovsky (JSC “EMZ named after Myashishev”), Ulyanovsk (branch of “IL”) and Voronezh (branch of “IL”) we will increase the engineering and construction potential approximately 2.5 times,” S.Sergeev said.


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