Russian Defence Ministry May Form Military Grouping in Crimea

Заседание коллегии Министерства обороны РФ по вопросу безопасности в Крыму

The military and political situation in Russia’s southwest remains complicated. This statement was made by Sergey Shoygu at the meeting of the Russian Defence Ministry’s Board. It should be noted that the Ministry’s Board discussed the issue of forming a grouping of forces in the Crimean Federal District.

“Analysis of the possible development of events dictates the necessity to maintain readiness of the Southern Military District’s troops to ensure military security of the country and its allies on the south-western strategic direction. Under these conditions, the formation of a full-fledged and self-sufficient grouping of forces on the Crimean Peninsula is a priority task,” Mr. Shoygu said, noting that the military and political situation in Russia’s southwest is still complicated.

“In many respects, this is related to the situation in Ukraine, intensification of anti-Russian moods on the part of NATO and reinforcement of foreign military presence in the immediate vicinity to our borders,” Mr. Shoygu concluded.


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