Defense Ministry to Receive New Parachute Strapdown System for Arctic


Holding “Aircraft Equipment”, part of the state corporation “Rostec” until the end of 2014 will supply to the Department of Defense 75 sets of Russian parachute strapdown system “Shelf 2” worth more than half a billion rubles, according to the press service of the holding.

“The holding “Aircraft Equipment” will supply to the Defense Ministry 75 sets of parachute strapdown system PBS-925 (complex “Shelf 2″) in the amount of more than half a billion rubles before the end of 2014. Due to the ability of the system to operate at extremely low temperatures, the military will be able to use it to deliver technics with air in the framework of the Russian project to develop the Arctic shelf,” was said in a statement.

According to the report, the complex “Shelf 2” is designed for the landing of heavily armed military and special equipment, including amphibious armored personnel carrier (BTR-D) on land and water, with aircraft such as IL-76. The velocity of the airplane when dropped from a height of 300 to 1500 meters can reach 400 kilometers per hour.

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