AVTOVAZ Willing to Return to Swedish Car Market


Russia’s AVTOVAZ will resume exporting its products to the Swedish car market in early 2015. This information was presented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“In early 2015, we will resume exporting our Lada cars to Sweden. We know that there is a niche for these cars, as both buyers and sellers are waiting for us. Lada Kalina is likely to be the least expensive car in the Swedish market. Lada Granta and possibly Lada Largus will also be available,” Peter Jynnesjo, a representative of Lada Scandinavia, noted.

“According to the surveys, we are either loved or hated. It’s a wonderful position, as no one is indifferent about us. People make jokes about some of our models, but we are confident in the future,” AVTOVAZ CEO Bo Andersson stated.

AVTOVAZ is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe, capable of producing around 800,000 cars for Lada, Renault, Nissan, and Datsun. Since 1970, the factory has produced more than 28 million Lada vehicles.


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