Russia’s Air Force to Receive 150 Aircraft and Helicopters in 2015


As part of the state defence order, the Russian Air Force will receive more than 150 aircraft and helicopters in 2015. This information was presented by Col. Igor Klimov, a spokesperson for the Russian Air Force.

According to Mr. Klimov, the delivery will include Su-30SM, Su-30M2 and MiG-29SMT fighter jets, Su-34 frontline bombers, Su-35S multipurpose aircraft, Yak-130 combat trainers, as well as An-148 and IL-76-MD90 transport aircraft. The supplies of helicopters will comprise Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-28N Night Hunter, Mi-8AMTsh (MTV-5-1), Mi-8MTPR, Mi-35M, Mi-26, Ka-226 and Ansat-U.

The Air Force will also take delivery of new radar stations (Nebo-M, Gamma, Sopka), as well as S-400 anti-aircraft missile complexes and Pantsir-S air defence systems. It should be noted that the Air Force has already received more than 60 units of the S-400, Pantsir-S1 and Nebo-M systems this year.


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