Aviastar-SP Assembles First Fin Box for MS-21 Aircraft


JSC Aviastar-SP has completed producing the first fin box made of composite materials for the MS-21 aircraft. The box will be sent to TsAGI for static tests. This was stated by the company’s press service.

“The specialists of JSC Aviastar-SP have also produced the fuselage bay panels F1 and F2 and sent them to the Irkutsk Aviation Plant for further assembly of the first MS-21 flight model. In addition, the fuel tanks are being assembled. Before the end of the year, we plan to make a set of the fuselage bay panels F3 for the first flight model of the new aircraft,” Deputy Director General and MS-21 Project Head Vasily Dontsov informed.

According to Director of the Irkut Corporation’s Ulyanovsk Branch Sergey Milyukov, the first MS-21 aircraft will be assembled at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant in 2016.

“According to preliminary estimates, the maiden flight of the new aircraft is scheduled for the summer of 2016,” Mr. Milyukov stated.


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