Arctic Needs New Radar Technologies


New technologies, including radars, are needed for the Arctic – where traditional methods “do not work directly,” said the deputy general director of RTI, which is developing an integrated monitoring system for the region, Igor Bevzyuk.

“The radar station (RLS) in the Arctic must be substantially different, today the traditional methods do not work there directly. To work in the Arctic we will have to apply new technologies,” Bevzyuk said to TASS correspondent.

According to him, we may require a combination of “antiquated” ways and moderns.

According to the spokesman, the radio-wave propagation inside the Arctic Circle is “fundamentally different”. “For example, there are ionospheric disturbances. Plus, due to the ice cap, the surface electric wave is refracted and reflected in such a way that it is not always possible to understand with traditional methods that is before you: iceberg, ship, or something else,” said the deputy director of RTI.


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