Do Not Give Enemy to Crack “Parol”


The system of public recognition is a system designed to determine the nationality of the objects on the principle of “friend or foe”. Such a system, which includes the interrogators, transponders and hardware encryption lets you find out in seconds the strangers. In Russia, the leading developer of state identification system is KRET.

In the world there are only two parallel branches of development of state identification systems – a domestic systems “Kremniy”, “Parol” (and its modification – “Strazh”), as well as NATO standards Mk XА and Mk XII.

We can say that because of the length, the high cost of development and implementation, the own system of state identification is a kind of privilege of superpowers. Choosing between the two possible options, the other countries come more from strategic policy priorities of the buyer country.

In Russia, the main developer of the system of state recognition is KRET, occupying up to 85% of the market of state identification systems in the country.


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