Record: Russia for the First Time Since Soviet Union Carried out 38 Launches


Russia in 2014 retained the top spot in the world in the number of space launches, for the first time since the Soviet era all the Russian cosmodromes made 38 starts, Russian Space Agency told RIA Novosti.

“The main achievement of this year can be regarded as the “birth” of the first family of carrier rockets “Angara”, which were created since the mid-1990s. The specialists of the Russian space industry and the Ministry of Defense of Russia successfully tested launch vehicles of light class “Angara-1.2” and heavy class “Angara-A5”, the official said.

In 2014, the Russian Federation launched a record number of spacecrafts – 80, including 31 machines for public use, 5 commercials and 44 small spacecrafts.

Russian companies in the sector created and launched three spacecrafts for foreign customers.

One of the conversion carrier rockets, launched on June 19 from GMD Dombarovsky, by the program “Dnepr” put into orbit a record number of satellites – 34 spacecrafts for customers from 17 countries.

In addition, during the year the Russian space industry professionals have provided four missile launches of “Soyuz-STB” from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana and one launch of rocket “Zenit-2SL” by the program “Sea Launch”.


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