Military Units in Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Adopted Drones “Eleron-3”


Until the end of 2015 motorized units and formations of the Eastern Military District stationed in the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island, are planned to be equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) “Eleron-3”. “Eleron-3” is a small-sized UAV with catapult launch. The time to prepare for the launch of the device from traveling mode takes 15 minutes.

The range is about 25 km with flight duration 90-120 minutes. Flight height – up to 3 kilometers. With a maximum takeoff weight of 3.5 kg “Eleron-3” can carry up to a pound of payload. It may include a TV camera, IR camera, photo camera, repeater, stations of electronic intelligence and jamming.

“Eleron-3” can fly as a stand-alone mode as well as in radio command. Return to the start of the UAV is carried out automatically. UAV units equipped with the new aircraft will perform the tasks of visual inspection of combat training, state of military infrastructure, refinement of the terrain, the press service of the Eastern Military District noted.


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