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VIAM for 3 Years Increased Number of Works in Aeronautic and Space Industry by 66%


All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM) executed in three years the works in the aerospace industry at 1.2 billion rubles, VIAM CEO Evgueniy Kablov told reporters.

“Over the past three years, the total number of contracts executed by the institute under the orders of enterprises of aerospace and other industries, has increased from 680 to 965, and the cost of works from 790 million to 1.2 billion rubles,” Kablov said.

According to him, VIAM experts for the first time in Russia produced the detail for promising aircraft engine PD-14 using additive technologies (3D-technology) with the use of domestic metal-powder composition. The work was done in the interests of the industrial partner of VIAM – “Aviadvigatel” OJSC.


Question of Mistral Delivery Can Be Resolved in Coming Days


The process of transferring of helicopter aircraft carrier “Vladivostok” of the class “Mistral” built in the shipyards of STX France company can be started as early as next week, Interfax reported with reference to the military-diplomatic source.

“The order for the transfer of “Mistral” can be given from the Elysee Palace as early as next week, so that in the first half of March, the ship will be ready to the transfer to the Russian side,” the source said.

In his opinion, the success of the “Norman format” meeting in Minsk allows Paris to save face in front of allies and thus confirm the reputation of a reliable supplier of arms. He explained that now we have grounds to immediately start the process of transferring helicopter “Vladivostok” to the Russian side.

Russia to Help China to Create an Analogue of “ERA-GLONASS”


Non-commercial partnership “GLONASS” intends to assist the Office of the Chinese satellite navigation in the development of standards for emergency response system in case of accidents on the roads.

According to Tass, the Vice President of NP “GLONASS” Evgueniy Belyanko reported it at a conference on the use of GLONASS technologies within the Forum “Security and Safety Technologies”.

“China in 2015 will begin to develop a set of standards and we hope to work with them in this area to make this system compatible with the “ERA-GLONASS” and eCall. We obtain in fact the trans-Eurasian security corridor – New Silk Road”, he said.

According to him, the basic service for the driver traveling from Europe to China or on return route will be united – in the case of an accident he can get help from the emergency services. However this call is automatically performed via a special terminal.

India Noted Price Attractiveness of Su-30 as Compared to Rafale


Indian Foreign Ministry noted the price attractiveness and reliability of the Russian multi-role fighters Su-30 in comparison with the French Rafale.

Sputnik received this information from Minister of State for External Affairs of India Vijay Kumar Singh. Earlier, Indian media reported that the Ministry of Defence of India may refuse to purchase 126 fighters Rafale for the Air Force, which won the tender in 2012, and instead to buy Russian Su-30MKI.

Among the reasons that led the Indian defense establishment to think about the refusal of Rafale purchase are the increased value of the contract, as well as the reluctance of France to transfer technology to the Indian part, RIA Novosti reported.

Kalashnikov Concern Honored with Prestigious Awards


Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern has been awarded the Pride of the Motherland for its AK-103 assault rifle in the category ‘Industrial-Technical Products’ and the honorary prize for its Saiga-12 hunting rifle in the category ‘Industrial Products for Population’. The awards ceremony took place on February 11 in Moscow.

“We are especially proud of becoming the best company in Russia thanks to willingness and commitment of our team to changes and innovations in line with the strategy of development. Our win in the competition 100 Best Goods of Russia demonstrating the best products of domestic manufacturers reconfirms the high level of quality and competitiveness of our weapons in Russia and abroad,” Kalashnikov Concern Director General Alexey Krivoruchko said.

The AK-101 assault rifle is an export version of the Kalashnikov AK-74M assault rifle. The main difference between AK-101 and AK-74M consists in the used ammunition. The Saiga-12 hunting rifle is characterized by reliability, perfect precision and high accuracy.

Russian Cadets to Test Military Uniform Identification System


The cadets from the Ussuriysk Suvorov Military School will test a new military uniform identification system using electronic labels. This came in a statement by Colonel Alexander Gordeev, a spokesman for the Eastern Military District.

“We have developed a fundamentally new approach to the military uniform identification. Each article of uniform and soldier equipment is fitted with an elastic label containing a microchip,” Mr. Gordeev stated, explaining that these items will be read by a scanner and presented in an electronic format.

The scanner is also used to determine the number and variety of clothes, accessories and frequency of laundering.

“This method eliminates any errors, substitutions or shortages. Therefore, everyone will get his clothes after laundering,” Mr. Gordeev stated.

Russia to Attain National Technological Independence


Russian scientists will have to resolve complicated tasks, including those aimed at ensuring technological independence of the country in the field of industry, infrastructure and military-industrial complex. This was announced by Head of the Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov at the awards ceremony for young researchers.

On Thursday, Mr. Ivanov awarded grants to young scientists instead of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived in Minsk to resolve the situation in Ukraine. The meeting lasted nearly 16 hours.

“In the upcoming years, domestic scientists will be resolving very complicated tasks, primarily, attaining technological independence of the nation in the most important and critical areas of industries, infrastructure, medicine and defence sector,” Mr. Ivanov said.

VNIIEM Corporation Testing Lomonosov Satellite


Director of the Nuclear Research Institute Mikhail Panasyuk and Deputy Director for Scientific Work Vladislav Osedlo paid a working visit to a mounting site of JSC VNIIEM Corporation that is used to test a complex of scientific instruments installed on the Lomonosov satellite.

The tests are aimed at checking the operation of all scientific instruments and interaction between information units and systems mounted on the Lomonosov satellite. According to the information available, the scientific instruments are being inspected by leading electronics specialist Alexander Amelyushkin and junior research assistant Vasily Petrov together with the colleagues from VNIIEM.

“The tests are due to be finished in June. The minor errors in the programs of interaction between scientific equipment and spacecraft systems are immediately eliminated,” Chief Designer Ivan Yashin commented.