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Innovative Developments of Young Scientists Tested in MOESK Networks


Power engineers of JSC “MOESK” (part of “Rossetti”) begin the realization of the first pilot project of the winners of innovation contest “Energoproryv – 2014”, organized by the JSC “Rossetti” in partnership with the cluster of energy efficient technologies of the Foundation “Skolkovo”.

At the end of last year, a group of young scientists presented to the introduction by MOESK the Monitoring system of icing intensity (MIG) on the wires of power lines and contact networks. The complex of instruments is created by a team of developers led by senior lecturer of Kamyshinsky Institute of Technology Dmitry Titov.

MIG system consisting of modules for temperature measurement of wires and transceiver post, is extremely sensitive to the intensity of icing, can be used on any type of support, allows to determine on-line the start of ice deposit and intensity of the growth of deposits.


Antey Goes into Production


Joint Instrument Making Corporation (part of “Rostec”) starts the mass production of the next-generation complex “Antey”, which will provide transfer of data, telephone and telegraph information at a distance of up to 8 thousand km. This was reported to TASS by the press service of the corporation.

“Antey” is developed by our group “Sozvezdie”. These complex developments were absent in the domestic radio industry for about 30 years, the deputy director general of Joint Instrument Making Corporation Sergei Skokov said. – Last set of this class – “Poisk”, which is still in the inventory of the Russian Army, was released in the 80s of the last century.”

According to him, “Antey” seriously raises the possibilities of the field and stationary radio centers. “The system provides automatic and automated transmission of data, telephone and telegraph information over distances of up to 4 thousand kilometers (field radio center) and up to 8 thousand km (stationary radio centers), even in difficult noise conditions,” Skokov said.

Russia and India May Create Joint Venture for Ka-226T Production


Russia discusses with India the possibility of creating a joint venture for the production in India of light multi-purpose helicopters Ka-226T, the head of the holding company “Helicopters of Russia” Alexander Mikheyev told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

As it was previously reported, the negotiations on this project will occupy a central place in the work of the state special exporter at the exhibition Aero India-2015.

“Indian Ministry of Defence announced a request for information under the offer. We have formulated technical proposals for the Ka-226T, held its modernization,” Mikheyev said within the Aero India-2015.

It is planned to consider the experience of licensed production in India of multipurpose fighter Su-30MKI, the source said.

PAK FA Power Supply System is Twice More Powerful Than Analogues


Russian fifth generation multirole fighter T-50 (PAK FA) is equipped with a DC power supply system, which is two times more powerful than all the Russian counterparts, the general director of the holding company “Aircraft Equipment” (part of the state corporation “Rostec”) Maxim Kuzyuk told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

“For the fifth-generation aircraft the holding company created a DC power supply system SPTSU-7.5, which is about twice more powerful than all existing Russian counterparts,” Kuzyuk said.

He noted that SPTSU-7.5 “converts the three-phase voltage with variable frequency from the generator to a DC voltage 27 volts with nominal capacity of more than 8 kW, providing the stability of all electronic systems and the safety of the aircraft.”

“The weight of the new system in one and a half times less than that of counterparts,” the head of the holding said.

Russia to Establish Aerospace Defence Concern


The creation of Russia’s Aerospace Defence Concern will significantly boost the scientific and technological development in this area. This came in a statement by RTI Director General Sergey Boev.

According to Mr. Boev, the new concern will become a serious player in the international arms market and one of the leaders in the field of aerospace defence systems.

“The Russian President issued a decree and gave an opportunity to establish a concern so that it was effective not only in terms of solving the main problem, but also from a business perspective and in terms of development of science and technology in the country,” the official noted.

“The new concern should be created in the short run,” Mr. Boev added without specifying the role of RTI in the new concern.

“Of course, our company will be included into the Aerospace Defence Concern. However, its final configuration has not been determined yet,” Mr. Boev concluded.

Severnaya Verf to Start Constructing New Corvettes


The St. Petersburg-based Severnaya Verf shipyard will lay down two new Project 20380 corvettes for the Russian Navy on February 20. This was reported by the press service of the shipyard.

Since 2007, the shipyard has constructed and transferred a total of four Project 20380 ships adopted by the Baltic Fleet to protect the borders of our country. These include the Steregushchy, Soobrazitelny, Boiky and Stoiky corvettes. In addition, the shipyard will start constructing two new ships of this project on the eve of the Fatherland Defender Day. The new corvettes will be named Retivy and Strogy respectively.

The first ships named Retivy and Strogy were built in St. Petersburg in 1899. They belonged to a class of destroyers. These ships defended the country’s borders during the Russo-Japanese War and World War I. The new corvettes will continue a series of Project 20380 ships developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau.

Shvabe Tests New Reconnaissance System in Gulf of Finland


Russia’s Shvabe has successfully tested a terrain reconnaissance system in the Gulf of Finland near Lake Novik at a depth of 34 meters. This information was furnished by the company’s press center.

The new development comprises a viewfinder, a sliding bar and a receiving unit. The viewfinder is a sensitive black and white video camera operating in combination with an infrared light system that turns on automatically in poor lighting. The sliding bar consists of several parts using the telescopic principle. The receiving unit includes an LCD monitor and a battery. The device can operate under ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +40°C.

“This device is designed for inspecting various remote places, vehicles and underwater objects. This equipment will considerably facilitate the work of emergency services,” Shvabe Deputy Director General for Research, Development and Innovation, Nikolay Rakovich commented.

Russia to Launch Progress-M26M Cargo Spacecraft


This year’s first Progress-M26M cargo spacecraft will be launched to the International Space Station on February 17. This information was presented by the press service of the Russian Space Agency.

“The launch of the Soyuz-U carrier rocket with the Progress spacecraft is scheduled for 14:00. The freighter is expected to dock at the Zvezda module of the Russian segment of the International Space Station at 19:59,” the press service informed.

It should be noted that the Progress spacecraft is due to deliver 2,370 kilograms of cargo, including 420 kilograms of water in containers, 50 kilograms of bottle oxygen, as well as air filters, gas analyzers, smoke detectors, ventilators and quartz watches.

“The spacecraft will also deliver about 20 kilograms of fresh vegetables and fruit for the cosmonauts,” Head of the ISS Food Provision Department at the Russian Medical and Biological Studies Institute, Alexander Agureev said.