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MiG Ready to Participate in Creating Future Interceptor


Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” is ready to participate in creating the future fighter-interceptor, which should replace MiG-31 used today by the Russian Air Force, CEO Sergei Korotkov said on Thursday in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Last year, the Russian Air Force Commander Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev said that Russia in 2017 will begin work on creating long-term aviation complex for long-range interception (PAK DP), which in the future will replace the MiG-31.

“The work of this magnitude can be defined and organized only under the state program, in which the Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”, which has unrivaled experience in building interception complexes, could take part,” Korotkov said at the air show Aero India 2015.

As reported by the General Bondarev, in 2017 we will begin research work that will define the shape of the new machine. In 2025, he said, we will begin deliveries to the troops.


Service Center for Mi-17V-5 Helicopters Created in India


Service center for maintenance of multipurpose helicopters Mi-17V-5 supplied by Russia to India, is created in Chandigarh in Northern India, 16 repairs lines are planned to be created, CEO of the holding company “Russian Helicopters” (part of “Rostec”) Alexander Mikheyev told RIA Novosti on Thursday at the air show Aero India – 2015 in Bangalore, India.

“To service the Mi-17V-5 in the city of Chandigarh we create a modern service center. It will be equipped with the repair line for VK-2500 engines, as well as organized 16 repair lines for instrumentation and the support system of the helicopter,” Mikheyev said.

The head of the holding company said that after the completion of works, the overhaul of Mi-17V-5will be almost entirely carried out at the Indian plant in Chandigarh, which will reduce the cost of services.

Development of Il-112V to Be Completed by 2020


JSC “Ilyushin Aviation Complex” (JSC “IL”) plans in 2020 to complete the development work on light military transport aircraft Il-112V, the Deputy General Director of JSC “IL” on Programme Management Sergey Artukhov told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

“Development work is scheduled for completion in 2020,” said Artukhov.

The contract for the development work with the Defense Ministry was signed in December 2014. It is currently completing the release of design documentation, the active phase of design and technological preparation at JSC “VASO” is on move, the pre-production is started.

JSC “IL” in December reported that the first two experiment Il-112B will be built in 2016, they will be intended for the tests. In the same year, the first flight of the first flight model is scheduled.

MiG-35 to Receive Fifth Generation Electronics


Russian multi-role fighter MiG-35 of the generation “4 ++” will receive the electronic systems of the fifth generation, the head of the Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” Sergey Korotkov said on Thursday in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Single MiG-35 and double MiG-35D are multi-purpose fighters of the generation “4 ++”, the further development of combat aircraft MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2 in the direction of increasing the combat efficiency and versatility, as well as improve the performance characteristics.

“The designers of the Engineering Center “Mikoyan OKB” continuously improve the multifunctional combat complex MiG-35, equipping it with electronic systems of the fifth generation,” Korotkov said at air show Aero India-2015 in the Indian city of Bangalore.

The CEO said that now the Russian Aircraft Corporation expects signing of the contract for the supply of MiG-35 t the Russian Defense Ministry. “For its part, the Corporation “MiG” fulfills all the requirements of the customer for this aircraft,” said Korotkov.

Ka-27 Helicopters to Receive New Command and Tactical System


Eight Ka-27 helicopters of the Russian Navy will be repaired, upgraded and fitted with a new radar command and tactical system. Russia plans to upgrade a total of 46 rotorcraft of this type. This information was presented by First Deputy CEO and Chief Designer of Russia’s Fazotron-NIIR, Yury Guskov.

“The Russian Navy has decided to upgrade 46 Ka-27 helicopters prior to adopting new helicopters based on the Ka-50/Ka-52. The work will be carried out at JSC Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise,” the official said.

The new FHA system will include an airborne radar and a computer. The modernized Ka-27M will be able to detect all types of ships and submarines and will have an increased range of detection and destruction.

“The helicopter with the FHA system has already passed state tests. Therefore, the first eight Ka-27Ms will be delivered to the Russian Navy in 2015,” Mr. Guskov concluded.

Russia Supplies Vietnam with Advanced Geoinformation System


Russia has supplied Vietnam with the newest Gorizont geographic information system for the Bastion coastal missile complex. This was reported by a source in the sphere of military-technical cooperation.

“We have supplied our Vietnamese partners with the Gorizont geographic information system. This system is designed for the Bastion coastal missile complex and Monolit-B surface and air reconnaissance complex,” the source informed.

It’s worth mentioning that the Gorizont system was designed by Russia’s Automatic Equipment Research Institute. This development was presented at the MILEX-2014 exhibition. The Gorizont system has unique capabilities in terms of performance, information quality and processed data volumes.

The Bastion complex equipped with the Yakhont missiles is intended to destroy surface ships of different classes and types as part of landing units, escorts, ship groups and aircraft carriers, as well as single ships and ground targets.

Kant Air Base to Take Delivery of Upgraded Su-25SM Aircraft


Five modernized Su-25SM fighter bombers will be delivered to the Russian Kant air base stationed in Kyrgyzstan this year. This statement was made by Colonel Yaroslav Roschupkin, a spokesman for the Central Military District.

“The new aircraft will replace the outdated models to be modernized by the Russian defence enterprises. We plan to complete providing the Kant air base with the modernized aircraft by 2017,” the spokesperson stated.

It should be noted that the upgraded Su-25SM aircraft are equipped with advanced control and navigation systems. They can carry an expanded range of weaponry as compared with the base Su-25 model.

“The newest electronic warfare complex makes it possible to conduct radio intelligence, warns a pilot of any threats, aims at enemy’s radars and causes radio interference,” Mr. Roschupkin pointed out.

Russia Develops Hypersonic Fuel Formula


Russia has developed a unique fuel formula that will help the aircraft exceed a speed of Mach 5. This was stated by Deputy Defence Minister, General Dmitry Bulgakov on Tuesday. The Deputy Defence Minister also said that Russia was developing fuel for hypersonic aircraft.

“The formula has been created and the energy accumulated in this fuel will help our aircraft exceed a speed of Mach 5,” Mr. Bulgakov said.

The Deputy Defence Minister also told reporters about the development of fuel for a new generation of long-range cruise missiles for the Russian Air Force and Navy. This work is being performed by the 25th State Research Institute of Chemmotology. The specialists of this institute have used aluminum nanoparticles to develop a number of rocket fuel components with a density and energy capacity increased by almost 20%. Besides, the institute continues developing raw materials alternative to oil. In particular, the institute is testing a sample of synthetic oil and aviation fuel based on natural gas.