Russian Company Presents Unique Smartphone


Russia has developed a competitor for its Chinese-made YotaPhone with two screens. The new gadget is characterized by a high degree of information security and is designed in such a way as to reduce the risks of cyber espionage. The new smartphone named TaigaPhone runs on Android that has been subject to major changes. The development was announced in September 2014.

“It is not a ready-made solution, it’s a brand-new device incorporating our own design, engineering and circuitry. The new gadget will be manufactured in China. As for modifications, the firmware named Taiga has multiple levels of protection. The user can disable individual components of the system, for example, access to a camera, or geoinformation. The phone can also be fashioned into a traditional device to allow only phone calls. The most extreme version of this setting will enable the user to only see incoming calls,” Taiga Systems co-owner Aleksey Nagorny pointed out.


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