Russian Design Bureaus Working on Project of New Icebreaker


Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute together with CDB “Iceberg” and FSUE “Atomflot” are designing a new nuclear-powered icebreaker “Leader”.

Future icebreaker “Leader” will have a capacity of 110 MW and will be able to overcome the ice thickness of 4.5 meters. The icebreaker will be used for wiring large tankers, since the width of his body will be about 50 meters. Thus, the “Leader” by its characteristics will surpass the universal icebreaker of latest generation LC-60 constructed at “Baltic Shipyard”. In total it is planned to build three such icebreakers, the first of which will be commissioned before the end of 2017.

Also Russia develops a multifunctional shallow-draft nuclear icebreaker, which is planned to be used as an icebreaker-supply vessel, icebreaker rescue. In particular, these breakers can be used to work on the shelf. Preliminary design of a new icebreaker will be ready by 2016.

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