Schwabe to Showcase New Products at IWA&OutdoorClassics 2015


Holding “Schwabe”, included in the State Corporation Rostec, presents a new line of optical and collimator sights at the 42nd International Trade Fair IWA & OutdoorClassics, which will be held from 6 to 9 March in Nuremberg (Germany).

During the exhibition, “Schwabe” will present new developments of OAO “Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant” OJSC (“VOMZ”): optical sights for driven hunt, allowing infinitely variable factor of 2 to 10; optical hunting sight with increased aperture lens and variable magnification from 2 to 14 fold, creating maximum comfort when aiming at near and far distances; closed hunting reflex sight with protection against dust and splashing wet, for comfortable shooting at considerable distance and the possibility of aiming in conditions of natural light; easy open reflex sight with a light guide for hunting in daylight conditions to allow for the observation of the object and aim with both eyes; open reflex sight for the fine motion of sporting and hunting weapons at various targets in conditions of natural light, which has 3 types of sighting marks with the ability to adjust their brightness.


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