Russia to Develop New Angara Rocket for Lunar Missions


Russia’s new Angara-A5 carrier rocket could be modified for future flights to the Moon. This was announced by the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos on Thursday.

“We recommend that the Khrunichev Space Center (manufacturer of the Angara-5) and the Energiya Space Corporation develop a draft design of the Angara-A5V carrier rocket for possible use with prospective space freighters and manned spacecraft in future flights to the Moon,” the Scientific and Technical Council of the Federal Space Agency said in a statement following a meeting with officials from space companies on development of prospective carrier rockets.

“The Angara-A5V carrier rocket capable of placing 35 tons into orbit is the development of an existing family of the Russian Angara rockets. It can be used to optimize government expenditures during implementation of the ambitious projects in the foreseeable future,” Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council Yury Koptev said.


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