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United Engine Corporation to Improve Domestic Gas Turbine


Rybinsk “Saturn”, part of the United Engine Corporation, fulfilled a state order for research and development of core technologies, materials and equipment for combined-cycle power plants based on gas turbines of high power for critical innovation projects of national importance.

The results of this work are the first step towards the creation of a modernized high-power turbine GTD-110M, having high performance and extended life.

The state contract between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and “Saturn” to perform research and development work was concluded in 2012.


Defense Ministry to Decide on North Caucasian Federal District Defense Companies Loading


The Russian government has instructed the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Industry and corporation “Rostec” to solve the problem of capacity utilization of military-industrial complex in the North Caucasian Federal District under the import substitution, the website of the Cabinet reported on Friday.

“Russian Defense Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and the Russian State Corporation “Rostec” for the purpose of import substitution and ensuring capacity utilization of military-industrial complex, located in the North Caucasus Federal District, further elaborate on the possibility of increasing the state defense order,” was said in a statement.

Appropriate proposals will be presented in I quarter of 2015 to the Board of Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation.

Russia to Ban Metal Products, Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Imports


Russia is preparing to prevent the companies that are 50 percent or more owned by the Russian Government from importing vehicles, heavy equipment and metallurgy products. According to the information available, Russia’s state-owned companies will be prohibited from purchasing certain foreign-made industry products that have Russian analogues.

“The restrictions will be recommended to state companies by state representatives on their boards of directors,” a source in the Ministry of Economic Development stated.

In December 2013, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to limit the purchase of metal products from outside the Customs Union and instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Economic Development to develop initiatives to stimulate the growth of metal consumption.

It should be noted that Russia has introduced a one-year ban on certain imports from the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia and Norway in response to the sanctions imposed by the West.

NPO “Saturn” Opened Innovation Session of Rostec


Fifth international innovation session of state corporation Rostec within three days will be held in Rybinsk on NPO “Saturn”, part of the United Engine Corporation.

The session unites about 200 representatives of high-tech enterprises, the leading research and educational institutions, innovation funds and cluster centers.

The guests of innovative session familiarized with dynamic design, testing and production base of “Saturn”, its innovative strategy, production management system and the establishment of scientific and technological potential, as well as successful experience of the Russian-French cooperation in the creation of the engine SaM146.

Stankoprom Presented Developments of Import Substitution Program


On October 2, 2014 at the site of Savelovsky Engineering Plant 17 machine-tool companies of the holding “Stankoprom” (part of the State Corporation Rostec) demonstrated the achievements of the industry to the representatives of the military-industrial complex.

The event was held in accordance with the recent decision of the Government, according to which Stankoprom should be an engineering center of competence and the locomotive of the implementation process in the domestic production of machine tools.

Over the past 4 years in the framework of the program “Development of domestic machine-tool and tool industry for 2011-2016” Stankoprom developed more than 100 models of new high-tech machine tools and carbide modular tools that is fully ready for implementation into production.

Manufacturer of SAM “Tor-M2E” to Modernize Production


Head manufacturer of anti-missile system “Tor-M2E” – Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant in 2014 will spend 1.5 billion rubles on modernization of production, the press service of Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” told reporters on Monday.

“One of the biggest enterprises of the concern “Almaz-Antey “- IEMZ – in 2014 as part of the modernization of production will spend 1.5 billion rubles,” was said in a statement.

We purchase machines, various devices, generators, power supplies, reconstructed and renovated rooms, the press service quoted the general director of the plant Fanil Ziyatdinov.

IEMZ is the parent company for the production of SAM “Tor-M2E”. In addition, the plant is modernizing SAM “Osa-AKM”, AAMS “Tor-M1” and their modifications, manufacturing of on-board equipment for missiles “ground-to-air” and also provides services to the operating organizations.

UMPO Created First Parts of Gas Turbine Engine Using Heat Resistant Aluminum


The enterprise Ufa Engine Industrial Association of the division “Engines for combat aircraft” of Rostec in conjunction with the Ufa State Technical University of Aviation released the first blades of a gas turbine engine made with heat-resistant aluminum.

In 2013, it was managed to get the first samples of the details of the new alloy, this year it will be used in production of full-length compressor blades, the press service of the company reports. The next step – welding them to the disc by linear friction welding – will be made after machining. All studies are conducted jointly by UMPO and USATU with the participation of another member of the division – NPP “Motor”. It is planned to test the technology on the gas turbine drive GTP-953 developed at NPP “Motor” and, in the case of successful trials, to offer suggest to the introduction in the production of turbine engine for military aviation.

“Rosatom” to Produce Lithium Batteries for Russian Army


The enterprise of State Corporation “Rosatom” Siberian Chemical Combine in the development of its non-nuclear business plans in three years to begin production of lithium batteries for the needs of the Defense Ministry, the company’s CEO Sergey Tochilin said.

Speaking to the Siberian Chemical Combine team within days of informing, Tochilin noted that in the first half of this year, the experts recreated the technology of production of import-substituting products of lithium tetrafluoroborate – a salt for the batteries.

“However, while the volume of production is small – we have completed an order worth about 10 million rubles from one of the companies, which already supplies its products to the Ministry of Defence. We set ourselves the task to move from salt manufacturing to the production of electrolyte, and three years later – to the production of batteries directly for the needs of the Ministry of Defense,” said Tochilin, whose words are quoted by corporate newspaper.

Siberian Manufacturer of Armor Ceramics Waiting for Order for Serial Production


The joint venture “Rusnano” and holding “NEVZ-Soyuz” – “NEVZ-Ceramics” is ready for serial production of the latest models of armor ceramics for military equipment and expects government contract after the end of combat vehicles trial in 2015, the executive director of the company Vladimir Markov told to journalists.

He noted that the plant “NEVZ-Ceramics” now produces armor ceramics using Russian raw materials from domestic alumina refineries, while previously it had to be bought it abroad.

“Everything for the armor must be domestic – from the source of raw materials to the finished product. Now we are delivering our Novosibirsk ceramics, in which raw materials are domestic. We have the capacity to provide 100% of import substitution. All types of vehicles that are being tested, have already been made with the Russian ceramics,” Markov said.

Russia’s VSMPO-AVISMA to Continue Supplying Boeing with Titanium


Deliveries of Russian titanium to the American company Boeing will be continued according to schedule. The sanctions of Europe and the United States have no negative impact on the long-term contracts between the aircraft manufacturer and VSMPO-AVISMA.

“The sanctions have not affected the implementation of projects, which are protected by long-term contracts. We are working with Boeing as usual, with both sides fulfilling all the previous agreements,” Marina Voronkova, Director for Regional Policy and Public Relations at VSMPO-AVISMA, stated.

Boeing and Russia’s largest titanium producer VSMPO-AVISMA signed an agreement for the supply of semi-finished titanium products for Boeing 777X aircraft in 2013. In addition, Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev proposed Sergey Kravchenko, President of the company Boeing – Russia and CIS, to consider the possibility of using the resources of the Titanium Valley special economic zone to develop further joint projects between Boeing and VSMPO-AVISMA.