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US-Russian Crew of Soyuz TMA-14M Successfully Landed in Kazakh Steppe


Soyuz TMA-14M with the international crew – Russian Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova and American Barry Wilmore landed safely in the Kazakh steppe, the correspondent of “Interfax-AVN” reports from Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

At the last minute of flight the capsule with the astronauts was seen by aerial and ground search and rescue teams.

“Landing is completed,” the inscription was highlighted on the big screen in the hall of the Mission Control Center. The report on the successful landing of astronauts has been applauded in MCC.

The astronauts, returned to Earth, will be inspected by the doctors, after that they will be transported by special plane to Moscow, Star City.

The astronauts feel good, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.


Central Military District Rescuers Arrived in Kazakhstan to Meet Crew of Soyuz TMA-14M


Search-and-rescue team of the Central Military District on Saturday arrived in Kazakhstan for a meeting of the Russian-American crew of “Soyuz TMA-14M”, who is completing its work in orbit, Central Military District reports.

The landing in the descent module will be made by Russian cosmonauts Elena Serova and Alexander Samokutyaev and US astronaut Barry Wilmore, who have spent in orbit about 170 days.

Their search and evacuation will be provided by operational teams on ATVs and specially equipped helicopters. The search and rescue of Soyuz landing will be attended by about 200 military men, 14 helicopters Mi-8, three aircraft An-12 and An-26, six amphibian vehicles, the release states.

New ISS Crew to Conduct 50 Experiments on Orbit


The crew, which will move to the annual expedition to the International Space Station on March 27, will conduct on orbit about 49 experiments, the spacewalks are not planned, the head of Cosmonaut Training Center Yuri Lonchakov told reporters on Wednesday.

“The main crew of expedition – Mikhail Kornienko and Scott Kelly will spend a year in orbit, they have a very extensive program of scientific and medical experiments. For a long time they were preparing for this flight, and now they are ready. They will have about 49 experiments,” Lonchakov said.

He explained that 21 of the 49 planned experiments are in the medical field. According to him, Kornienko will participate in 21 Russian experiments and three American experiments will be held jointly.

“Scott Kelly will be part of nine experiments, five are joint with Russian side,” he added.

Lonchakov noted that spacewalks in the program are not provided, but if necessary it will be done.

Roselektronika Develops Cooperation with ZTE


The holding Roselektronika, included in Rostec, at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona has concluded a cooperation agreement with a Chinese corporation ZTE.

The expected scope of cooperation between the holding Roselektronika and ZTE Corporation can reach 1 billion 200 million yuan.

The agreement provides the development of cooperation in the field of innovative technologies, solutions “Smart City”, “Intelligent Transportation System” and “Intelligent Antenna System”.

“Terms of the agreement involves the formation of innovative companies and organizations for the implementation of joint projects to develop new techniques and technologies”, the General Director of the holding Roselektronika Andrei Zverev said.

Russia to Supply UAE with AU-220M Automatic Turret


Russia will integrate its AU-220M automatic turret with an armored vehicle built by the United Arab Emirates. This was envisaged by a memorandum signed by Russia’s Rosoboronexport and UAE’s Emirates Defence Technology during the IDEX 2015 international exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The document was signed by Rosoboronexport Deputy Director General Igor Sevastyanov and Emirates Defence Technology CEO Mohamed Al Suwaidi.

It should be noted that the AU-220M module is designed for armored vehicles, both new and undergoing modernization. The naval version of the module is capable of hitting targets on land, air and sea, with a horizontal range of 12 kilometers and a vertical range of 8 kilometers. The module will be integrated with an 8×8 platform produced by EDT, presumably the Enigma Armored Modular Fighting Vehicle. The AU-220M is manufactured by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute.

Kiev Course to Tear Cooperative Ties of Ukrainian Enterprises with Russian Defense Industry to Hit Economy of Ukraine


Refusal of Kiev from military-technical cooperation with Russia harms the economy of Ukraine, Deputy General Director of “Rosoboronexport”, head of the delegation at the exhibition of arms IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi, Igor Sevastyanov told reporters.

“Recent events in Ukraine have affected the existed cooperation. A number of Ukrainian companies worked together with Russian defense enterprises. What is happening now is a blow to the economy of Ukraine,” I. Sevastyanov said.

Earlier it was reported that the new leadership of Ukraine has banned the supply of components to Russian defense enterprises.

According to the representative of “Rosoboronexport”, Russian companies will find a substitution for Ukrainian components.

Kalashnikov to Show Modernized AK-101 in Abu Dhabi


Concern “Kalashnikov” will present more than 20 modern small arms, including modernized Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-101 and the submachine gun “Vityaz-SN” at the exhibition IDEX-2015 in Abu Dhabi, the press service of the company said on Thursday.

Defence Industry Exhibition IDEX-2015, to be attended by over a thousand companies from 52 countries, will be held from 22 to 26 February 2015 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

“”Kalashnikov” will take part in the twelfth international military exhibition IDEX-2015, which will showcase more than 20 modern samples of small arms. A key place in the exhibition of the concern will be occupied by the modernized Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-101 5.56 mm, equipped with a modernization set, the submachine gun “Vityaz-SN” 9mm and a special carbine with box magazine 18.5 KS-K,” was said in a statement.

Service Center for Mi-17V-5 Helicopters Created in India


Service center for maintenance of multipurpose helicopters Mi-17V-5 supplied by Russia to India, is created in Chandigarh in Northern India, 16 repairs lines are planned to be created, CEO of the holding company “Russian Helicopters” (part of “Rostec”) Alexander Mikheyev told RIA Novosti on Thursday at the air show Aero India – 2015 in Bangalore, India.

“To service the Mi-17V-5 in the city of Chandigarh we create a modern service center. It will be equipped with the repair line for VK-2500 engines, as well as organized 16 repair lines for instrumentation and the support system of the helicopter,” Mikheyev said.

The head of the holding company said that after the completion of works, the overhaul of Mi-17V-5will be almost entirely carried out at the Indian plant in Chandigarh, which will reduce the cost of services.

Russia and India May Create Joint Venture for Ka-226T Production


Russia discusses with India the possibility of creating a joint venture for the production in India of light multi-purpose helicopters Ka-226T, the head of the holding company “Helicopters of Russia” Alexander Mikheyev told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

As it was previously reported, the negotiations on this project will occupy a central place in the work of the state special exporter at the exhibition Aero India-2015.

“Indian Ministry of Defence announced a request for information under the offer. We have formulated technical proposals for the Ka-226T, held its modernization,” Mikheyev said within the Aero India-2015.

It is planned to consider the experience of licensed production in India of multipurpose fighter Su-30MKI, the source said.

Construction of Second Mistral Gives Hope for Fulfilment of Contract


The ongoing construction of the second “Mistral” at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire brings hope in the performance of the contract by the French side. This was announced by the Deputy Director General of the state corporation “Rostec” on foreign economic cooperation Dmitry Shugaev.

“We are all witnesses to the fact that the first ship “Mistral” is not delivered, while the second is being built. This gives hope that the problem will be solved. We hope for a positive outcome of all this history,” he said in radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

According to Shugaev, France also hardly likes this story of “Mistral”, “because it shows our French comrades not with the best hand.”

He also did not rule out that the situation around the “Mistral” could serve as one of the reasons for the refusal of India on purchases of French fighters Rafale.