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Sevastopol Sent to Sea Trials


In the waters of the French port of Saint-Nazaire on Monday, March 16 it will begin sea trials of the helicopter carrier “Sevastopol”. The source in the shipbuilding industry told this to the TASS correspondent.

“The ship will make for the first time for the open sea for sea trials and verification of the navigation systems, the source said. It is planned that the helicopter carrier will return back to the port to the end of the week, on March 20”.

The interlocutor of the agency said that work on the completion of the “Sevastopol” goes “under contract”. In February, the onboard equipment of helicopter carrier dock ship (DVKD) began to transmit a signal to the international automatic identification system (Automatic Identification System, AIS).


Aircraft Plant Progress Conducted First Flight Test of Shipboard Helicopter Ka-52


JSC “Arsenyev Aviation Company “Progress” AAK “Progress”, Primorsky Krai) conducted the first flight test of the shipboard helicopter Ka-52K (“Alligator”), the company said to “Interfax”.

The difference of shipboard Ka-52 from the traditional Ka-52 is primarily in its adaptation to basing on the ships of the Russian Navy, for which a helicopter has partial wing, blade folding system and air conditioning system for use in humid marine atmosphere.

Like a traditional Ka-52, the shipborne helicopter is equipped with on-board defense, gyro-stabilized optronic station GOES-451 and 30-mm automatic cannon 2A42.

Earlier, the Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov during a visit to AAK “Progress” said the aircraft factory signed a contract to build 32 helicopters Ka-52K.

Caspian Flotilla Takes Delivery of New Modular Boat


The rescue squad of the Caspian Flotilla in Russia’s Astrakhan Region has received the first of four Project 23370 modular boats. This information was presented by the press service of the Southern Military District.

“The crew of the new motor boat will have to pass exams in accordance with the course of the preparation of rescue vessels. The new boat has been adopted by the rescue squad of the Caspian Flotilla,” the press center informed.

It should be noted that a shipyard in Astrakhan has already built four Project 23370 modular boats for the Caspian Flotilla. The remaining three boats will be adopted by the rescue squad in the first half of 2015 after passing all the stages of state tests. The Project 23370 boat is the Russian Navy’s first vessel based on a modular approach that provides new capabilities for Search and Rescue Forces of the Russian Navy as a whole and of the Black Sea Fleet in particular.

Project of Destroyer Lider to Be Basis for Aircraft Carrier


The project of the destroyer “Lider” will be the theoretical basis for building of long-term carrier for the Navy of Russia, the former first deputy commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Igor Kasatonov said.

Earlier, the Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that the developing of the appearance of the long-term aircraft carrier is currently ongoing and is in strict accordance with the requirements of the fleet.

“First, we need to build such a universal ship as “Lider” destroyer. This is a very good, promising project, and if we can build more of these ships, they will become the theoretical basis for the construction of an aircraft carrier,” Kasatonov said.

He added that the Russian industry has strength to master the construction of such a ship and prepare the wing now, but it would be better to lay it out after 2025.

Second Mistral Built for Russian Navy to Begin Sea Trials


The Sevastopol, the second Mistral-class helicopter carrier built for the Russian Navy at the STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, is due to begin sea trials in March. This information was presented by a source in the French shipbuilding industry.

“The Sevastopol will begin sea trials as planned in March, with wharf employees on board. The vessel is set to be delivered to the Russian Navy in October 2015,” the representative informed.

It’s worth mentioning that DCNS and Rosoboronexport signed a €1.2 billion contract for two Mistral-class helicopter carriers in 2011. France was expected to deliver the first of the two helicopter carriers, the Vladivostok, by November 14, 2014. However, on November 25, French President Francois Hollande stated that shipment would be suspended due to the alleged interference of Moscow in the Ukrainian crisis.

New Destroyer to Be Comparable with Cruise on Striking Power


The new generation of destroyers of the Russian Navy will have a much larger displacement than its predecessors, and on the striking power will be comparable with the cruisers, the Defense Ministry said on Monday citing Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

As it became known in late February, a priority when creating a new generation of destroyers is its nuclear power unit equipment. Now the Russian Navy has one surface ship with such installation – heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Petr Velikiy”.

“This destroyer will have a much larger displacement than its predecessors in the class – the destroyers of the project 956. The striking power of the new destroyer will be comparable with the cruiser,” Chirkov said at the end of his working trip to Kolomna.

Zvezdochka to Continue Upgrading Project 945 Submarines


Modernization of the Karp nuclear submarine at the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center is being performed according to plan. This was announced by the press service of the enterprise.

A source in the military-industrial complex earlier said that modernization has been suspended due to the lack of funds. However, the press service of the Zvezdochka Center refused to comment on this information.

“The Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center is the executor of the state contract for modernization of two Project 945 nuclear submarines. The work envisaged by the contract is being performed according to schedule. The customer is the Russian Defence Ministry and we can suspend this work only by its order,” the press service said.

Russia’s Defence Ministry ordered repair and modernization of two Project 945 submarines in late 2012. In 2014, the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center started preparatory work on the first submarine named the Karp.

Russian Design Bureaus Working on Project of New Icebreaker


Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute together with CDB “Iceberg” and FSUE “Atomflot” are designing a new nuclear-powered icebreaker “Leader”.

Future icebreaker “Leader” will have a capacity of 110 MW and will be able to overcome the ice thickness of 4.5 meters. The icebreaker will be used for wiring large tankers, since the width of his body will be about 50 meters. Thus, the “Leader” by its characteristics will surpass the universal icebreaker of latest generation LC-60 constructed at “Baltic Shipyard”. In total it is planned to build three such icebreakers, the first of which will be commissioned before the end of 2017.

Also Russia develops a multifunctional shallow-draft nuclear icebreaker, which is planned to be used as an icebreaker-supply vessel, icebreaker rescue. In particular, these breakers can be used to work on the shelf. Preliminary design of a new icebreaker will be ready by 2016.

Russian Navy to Receive New Project 20386 Corvette


The St. Petersburg-based Severnaya Shipyard will lay down a new Project 20386 corvette for the Russian Navy in late 2015 or early 2016. This information was furnished by a source in the Russian defence industry.

“It is a new modification of a surface ship. Its design will combine elements of the basic configuration and removable combat units that will significantly expand the range of tasks performed by the corvette,” the official said, noting that the Project 20386 corvette will be equipped with a helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, the ship will be fitted with the latest domestic avionics and electronic weapons that have no analogues in the world.

“These measures will considerably increase the effectiveness of surface, air and underwater surveillance, and enhance the capabilities of electronic warfare,” the source concluded.

Shipyard “Yantar” Began Construction of Large Landing Ship “Petr Morgunov”


The Baltic Shipyard “Yantar” in Kaliningrad began construction of a large landing ship “Petr Morgunov” of the project 11711, TASS reports referring to the press-secretary of the company Sergei Mikhailov.

“In fact, we effectuate hull works – forming of sections and blocks for the ship’s hull, the equipment procurement is carried out in parallel,” Mikhailov said.

The contract for the construction of the ship was signed in September last year. “Petr Morgunov” is the second ship of the project 11711 after the leading large landing ship “Ivan Gren”, which is planned to be transferred to the customer this year.

Displacement of large landing ship of the project 11711 is 5,000 tons, speed – 18 knots. The length of the ship – 120 m, width – 16.5 m, draft – 3.6 m. The number of crew – 100 people.

Large landing ship is designed for landing, transportation of equipment and equipment.