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Russian Navy Su-24 Worked Refueling from Il-78 over Baltic Sea


The Baltic Fleet pilots from bomber squadron of Su-24M of the naval aviation performed flights with working air refueling over the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Oblast.

“Air refueling was done by tanker aircraft Il-78 of the Russian Air Force. The operation was conducted both singly and in pair, when the air tanker filled simultaneously two aircraft. The flights were carried out in the light and in the dark,” the representative of the Baltic Fleet said.

Air refueling is one of the most difficult types of flight training. Pilots at a height of 2 to 5 thousand meters at a speed of 500-600 km/h approached the tanker at a distance of 10-15 meters, contacted using released barbell with the cone-sensor of the tanker and then kept this distance until full fuel transfer.


Developments of Russian Enterprises Provide Import Substitution for Aircraft Interiors Industry


Experts of the Association of manufacturers of aircraft interiors announced the results of the outgoing year and presented its own program of import substitution. The result of the integration of industry participants was the fact that today the share of Russian components in the interior of modern domestic aircrafts with increased comfort is about 80%. Investments in the technological modernization of production of the Russian manufacturers increased by 40%.

Domestic manufacturers use the existing situation to modernize production as quickly as possible, and master advanced manufacturing processes. The company “VEMINA Aviaprestizh” for the last three years has invested 150 million rubles in the development of the enterprise. The development strategy for 2015 involves more investments in the amount of 50 mln rubles, which will focus on technical equipment of the new 1500 sq.m. of production facilities and development of production of new types of interiors for aircraft Tu-204, SSJ100.

Russia May Continue to Study Arctic in 2015 for Application to UN


Russian scientists may need additional study of the Arctic shelf to prepare an application for extension of its maritime borders to the UN Commission on the continental shelf, the special presidential envoy for international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic, Artur Chilingarov told to RIA Novosti.

Since 2001, Russia pretends to hydrocarbon-rich portion of the shelf, including the Lomonosov and Mendeleyev ridges, but its application was rejected due to lack of information. If the researchers can prove that these ridges are the continuation of Russia’s continental shelf, the country will have a priority right to the development of these resources, the volume of which, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources, can reach 5 billion tons of standard fuel.

Experimental VNEU for Submarines


Research work on the creation of experimental samples of airindependent power plant (VNEU) and the new lithium-ion battery for non-nuclear submarines of the fifth generation will be completed in 2014.

This was reported to Itar-Tass by chief designer of CDB “Rubin” Igor Molchanov.

“We are now at the stage of research work. Concerning VNEU and lithium-ion batteries it is an advanced R&D by the end of 2014, which culminate in the establishment not quite the prototype, but the most approximate to it. This is purely technical details,” the source said.

He explained that the actual prototype installation and batteries will be created upon completion of development work, which will begin in 2015 Meanwhile, in July, CEO of CDB “Rubin” Igor Vilnit said that by the end of 2014 it will be created a prototype of VNEU, in spring deputy director of the company Andrey Baranov said that it is planned to complete the creation of the prototype in 2016, the Russian Navy expects to receive the first NNS with airindependent installation already in 2016-2017 (we are talking about boats of 4th generation – Project 677).

Construction of Submarines for Black Sea Fleet Not Depend on Supply of Ukrainian Components


Construction of six diesel-electric submarines of the Project 636.3 (code “Varshavyanka”) for the Black Sea Fleet of Russia is not dependent on component supply from Ukraine. The chief designer of the CDB “Rubin” Igor Molchanov reported today about this to ITAR-TASS.

“We always tried not to use equipment made in the neighboring former Soviet Union on our boat, in spite of the friendly relations with partners. Therefore, in the framework of 636 project, such equipment can be counted on one hand, it is not so much,” Molchanov said.

According to him, the contract for the construction of six submarines for the Black Sea Fleet and therefore contracts with suppliers were signed up to the events in Ukraine and in the world. In addition, the contract was at once for the entire series, and the shipbuilders managed to receive many components well before the imposition of sanctions.

Participation in Demonstrations during the XVIII International Exhibition “Interpolitech 2014”


Within a framework of the XVIII International Exhibition of Means of State Security “Interpolitech 2014» October 22, 2014 from 10.00 to 14.00 at the landfill of the Federal State Enterprise “Research Institute”Geodesy” (Moscow region, Krasnoarmeysk) it will be organized a demonstration of operational and combat capabilities of weapons and equipment of industrial enterprises and showy special tactical exercises of Russian Interior Ministry special units.

The list of invited to the event includes heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, federal executive bodies, the largest defense industry enterprises, military and police attachés, delegations of foreign countries.

The Russian Interior Troops Commander Lieutenant-General Yuri Babkin sent an invitation to the leaders of the military-industrial complex to take part in the demonstration of operational and combat capabilities of weapons and equipment of industrial enterprises.

Kazan to Build a Plant to Manufacture Silicon Raw Material for Aviation and Space Industry


Representatives of the holding “RT Himkompozit” participated in the laying of the first stone for the construction of a new plant JSC “Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant – Silicone” which will produce raw materials for silicone products – silicone, the press service of the holding reports.

“The absence of monomer production to date has led to the fact that the industry is deficient in important strategic materials – more than 700 items, among them a series of silicone products. These materials have unique performance, so cannot be replaced and are indispensable not only to perform state defense orders of the aviation industry enterprises and the Russian Space Agency, but also for the work of the oil, gas, electrical and other industries,”- First Deputy General Director of JSC “PT Himkompozit” Alexander Remezov stressed the importance of opening the future plant.